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Knives and Tools for Traveling

Real men love active recreation because it allows them to experience unforgettable emotions and get a lot of adrenaline. In addition to professional gear and equipment, knives and other tools are must-have accessories for any traveler. They are indispensable when travelling along complex routes since a hiker never knows in advance where a trap or danger awaits him.

How to choose a knife

A knife is not only a masculine accessory — it can protect you from injuries or even save life. On an out-of-town leisure trip, you surely need a knife and other tools. That is why a camping knife should be made of high-quality steel, have a convenient handle and reliable fasteners. You should choose and buy a travel knife that fits all your parameters. To be fully satisfied with the purchase, it is important to first decide on the type of knife.

Types of knives

At the store, you can select a knife for traveling, fishing, and hunting out of many types designed both for beginners and professionals who clearly understand what knife they need. However, hiking and hunting knives are also popular among fans of adventure recreation thanks to their proven reliability and maximum functionality.

And it is not surprising because a good knife can rescue its owner in the most, as it would seem, hopeless and extraordinary situation. It will come in handy not only to clear your way through an impassable thicket, to set up camp, or build a hut in the forest but also to butcher game and cook food.

Knives come in a variety of sizes: some are convenient for carrying in a sheath, others — in a backpack, and it is worthwhile having small field knives in the pocket of your clothes.

Travel knives can be of different types: with a fixed blade, and foldable knives with a locking mechanism.

The price of knives and tools depends directly on the steel quality, the handle material, and the country of manufacture. Each type of knife has several advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, your choice should be driven not only by your budget but also by the ease of use. You will know what exactly knife to buy as soon as you take it in your hand.

The product range of the online store includes only high-quality products by world-famous and time-tested manufacturers in various price categories.

Accessory for a real man

However, a knife is not just a tool for active and adventure recreation — it is a real man’s accessory. It should not only be carried in the backpack of an avid traveler but is also something every man should have since you never know when a knife may be of use in today’s world.

Each of us may unexpectedly get into an unusual situation where you cannot do without traveler tools. That is why a man’s toolkit should include not only a travel knife but also a pocket knife with a locking mechanism. Fortunately, all existing models of knives and tools by world-famous manufacturers such as Artisan, Baladeo, Bastion, Bear & Son, Benchmade, Case Cutlery, and others are available on the website.


The online store also offers a wide choice of accessories and tools that would come in handy, both during outdoor activities and in everyday life. Every man will appreciate the portability of the tools included in the assortment present on the website, their quality and stylish appearance. With us, you can select and buy tools for travelers by global manufacturers like EOS, KeyBar, Baladeo, HexFlex, etc. that have already won the recognition of campers and extreme recreation fans.

A knife is an indispensable accessory for any traveler! After using this compact travel tool once, you will not be able to do without it anymore.