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Nautical tourism

The sea always attracted real men — even ancient warriors sought to explore still uncharted territories and discover new horizons by traveling by ships. In our time, the purpose of nautical tourism has changed dramatically, but endless water spaces continue to draw the strong and brave. And it is not surprising since water tourism is full of adventures and offers unique extreme recreational activities. Nowadays, persons interested have the opportunity to go anywhere in the world and enjoy the open seas, feel refreshment of mind and body.

However, safety and comfort during adventures at sea should not be forgotten. Professional boating gear and equipment are necessary for a safe pastime during rafting, and specialized accessories and tools — for convenience. You can choose and buy all that is needed for nautical tourism at the online store. We have a wide range of products of the highest quality by global brands at affordable prices: boating supplies, maps, navigational instruments, lighting, fishing tackle, rafting equipment, and many more.

Types of nautical tourism

Travelers regularly invent new types of sailing and boating. Water tourism offers a wide variety of activities: it can be either peaceful and relaxing leisure or tests under extreme conditions — all depends on the itinerary chosen, its length and complexity. Nautical tourism includes kayaking, catamaran sailing and canoeing, rafting and yachting.

Kayaking is a type of travel along a river, lake, or sea in specially designed compact water vessels — kayaks, in which only paddlers can sit. If a traveler wishes to have more comfort,
he would be better off opting for canoeing — these water vessels are more spacious and allow taking luggage with you.

Canoeing, kayaking, or other boating activities can be both recreational and extreme. Also, traveling by water can even be a sport that requires special physical training.

Rafting is an activity that involves navigating mountain rivers in inflatable water vessels called rafts.

Nautical tourism is just right for those who, for some reason, cannot or do not want to mountaineer or engage in another type of recreational activities but wish to spend leisure time outdoors.

Also, water tourism is a great alternative for families with young children who are not able to endure challenging and long trips on foot.

One of the advantages of this type of recreational activities is that you can admire not only the sea or river but also the surroundings — along rivers, ancient castles, monasteries, natural monuments or wonders are often located. Moreover, it is one of the most eco-friendly types of tourism!

How to get ready for traveling by water

Nautical tourism, unlike sports, does not require a lot of physical strength or special training, and the slightest mistake made while following a route is unlikely to be fatal for you.

However, it should be understood that complex and extreme itineraries require not only appropriate skills but also high-quality equipment for water tourism.

The ability to swim and the availability of a life jacket are also important things to pay attention to when preparing for rafting. Always remember to stay safe!

Also, do not forget about the protection against UV rays wearing clothes of light color that cover most of your skin, headgear, and sunglasses — sunburns or sunstroke may immediately ruin your holiday and harm health.

Choose special shoes made of water-repellent material and shelter your equipment from splashes — bear in mind that throughout the entire journey, you will be in contact with water.

And this is not the complete list! Special attention should be paid to the gear — buy a wetsuit for rafting and a durable helmet, because a head injury is one of the most frequent traumas associated with water tourism.

Also, when going rafting in any season, please remember that the temperature may change very unpredictably, so it is important to take care of keeping you warm.

Buying all the necessary gear and professional equipment for nautical tourism can take a long time and significantly flatten the wallet. Some beginner travelers do not care enough about getting the listed items ready and encounter problems later on — as a result, water tourism does not create positive emotions and in the future will be associated only with difficulties and discomfort.

Fortunately, all the equipment and gear on your list can be selected and bought in a single section of the online store. Our assortment includes a variety of goods for nautical tourism by global brands like ACR Electronics, AIRHEAD Watersports, Aqua Signal, Blue Sea System, Dock Edge, etc. sold at competitive prices.


Since nautical tourism is directly related to water, it is necessary to take good care of your safety. After all, you will be on the water all the time, which is associated with a huge risk.

But do not worry about what has not happened! Everything will go well, provided proper preparation and responsible behavior while traveling by water. Do not forget to choose and buy a life jacket, a helmet, and specialized equipment for water tourism as well as study the itinerary in advance and avoid going on the water alone.